What are the start dates of the contract?

Start dates are April 1st, July 1st, August 1st and January 1st.

What if I run out of incidents?

You may upgrade to a higher plan at any time during the term of the contract by paying the difference between your current level and the higher level. You may also purchase additional incidents in advance as stated in the contract.

What is the difference between a Help Desk call and a Diagnostic call (or Incident)?

Help Desk Support
You will receive unlimited support calls. A support call is defined as a call to a qualified product representative that is informational in nature and normally will not last more than 15 minutes. Help desk is designed to remind trained users about product features and to clarify options within the product. Help desk support is only available on currently supported versions of Sage Software as defined by the Sage web site.

Diagnostic Calls
You are entitled to X diagnostic calls per year. A diagnostic call means that an analyst will gather information about the problem, including a review of live data if necessary. The analyst will determine what action is required. If there is a quick fix, the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible at no additional cost. Otherwise, a price quote will be provided.

I have a support contract and had a consultant fix a problem but I received a bill.

A diagnostic call entitles you to a diagnosis of your problem. If we can diagnose and fix the problem within an hour there will be no further charges. If the diagnosis or the fix will take longer than an hour you will be informed that there will be further charges.

I see that I am entitled to free on-line training. How do I sign up for this?

Contact Jillian Barrile  to sign up. She can enroll you in weekly email notifications of the upcoming topics as well as signing you up for individual sessions.

I have a Pink Plan with an Annual Roadmap Meeting, when can I have this meeting?

You may call the office and schedule a qualified consultant to meet you at your office or ours to conduct the review. We generally suggest that you set the agenda so that we can cover the issues that are important to you.

I have a Pink Plan that includes Project Design Services. What is this?

This feature provides you with the services of a qualified consultant to help you with customizing your system to meet your specific business requirements. He or she will provide up to 3-4 hours of time to create a specification for work to modify or customize your system. If the system design is more extensive we will provide you with a price to engage a consultant in a design plan.