ACCU-DART™ is a real-time inventory control solution, designed to integrate directly with Sage Pro ERP.

Using radio-frequency scanners, ACCU-DART helps your warehouse staff to instantly and easily update the ERP system, ensuring that all users throughout the organization have the most up-to-date information.

Save Time
Update transactions directly to the ERP system in real-time, saving time in the warehouse and office and increasing efficiency. When a transaction is posted, it is automatically updated in the ERP software. There are no additional databases to maintain or data to reconcile, making it quick and easy to use.

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Verify that the correct items are being scanned for every transaction, reducing errors and improving inventory accuracy. Every time a barcode is scanned with ACCU-DART, it verifies in the ERP solution that this is the correct item. This ensures that you have accurate inventory information at all times, allowing you to make better purchasing decisions, quicker sales and much more.

ACCU-DART is 100% modular, so you purchase only the functionality needed to improve your business operations.

ACCU-DART is a comprehensive inventory management tool that enhances accounting and inventory systems

  • Makes use of radio-frequency technology
  • Extensive functionality
  • All updates occur in real time
  • Increased accuracy of data
  • Helps ship the right goods to the right customer
  • Reduces clerical errors
  • Locates inventory quickly
  • Manages bins easily
  • Ability to track lot and/or serial numbers
  • No redundant data
  • Can restrict the functions each user can perform
  • Source code available
  • Ability to add your own functions
  • Easy to learn and use

For more information on Accu-Dart warehouse management solutions, please contact WAC Consulting Group at 877-909-2224 or email and we will follow up with you within 1 business day.


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