Does this business scenario seem familiar to you?

“There were certain processes in our warehouse that worked well and others that weren’t scalable to meet our increasing throughput requirements. We weren’t interested in simply installing new software,” adds Scott. “We needed a solution that was flexible enough to replicate pieces of our existing process that worked well, while automating certain manual tasks that where resulting in bottlenecks.”
We were growing at a 30% compound annual rate and while we were excited about the progress the company was making toward our strategic objectives, our warehouse operation was falling behind. The increased transaction volume was putting a strain on our system of paper-based output and hand-written notes to pick, pack and ship”, said Scott Hamberger, CEO at Fortessa, Inc.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you know how much your picking, packing and shipping inaccuracy rates are costing your business ?
  • Are you still manually picking, packing and shipping your orders?
  • Are you wasting too much time trying to keep track of the inventory in your warehouse?
  • Would you like to save $100,000 in warehouse expenses every year?
  • Do you have 10 or more pickers in your warehouse?
  • Are compliance fines costing you thousands of dollars?

Accuracy, efficiency and customer service are the top three areas that are instantly impacted when you automate your warehouse. Your warehouse management system is critical to the successful operation of your supply chain processes. Your warehouse management system is critical to the successful operation of your supply chain operations. The effect of implementing current technology to the warehouse management system can be seen in improved warehouse operations, increased order processing capacity, greater level of employee productivity and improved customer service operations.

How could warehouse automation positively impact your business?

Scott says, “Due to limitations in our old paper-based system, the increased volume resulted in a growing percentage of orders being shipped incomplete which created even more work. Once we implemented Accellos One WMS, our fill rate improved substantially and we increased our capacity to handle far more volume using the same resources.” “Just 4 months after the implementation, we were able to attain a significant increase in capacity and shipped 27% more units than in any other month in our history. This would have been very challenging, if not impossible, to achieve relying on the old paper chase system.”

Some of the benefits of using a WMS system are:

  • Flexibility to choose an invoicing option that works best for you
  • Automating invoicing, shipping, handling and receiving of products
  • Tracking products in real time
  • Support for multiple picking methods
  • Complete integration with Order Entry, Inventory Control, and Purchase Orders modules
  • Real Time Metrics on Warehouse Workers

Read one of our Supply Chain Management/ WMS case studies:

Elite Home Products

Challenge – Outmoded, dual warehouse facilities, manual procedures, burgeoning sales and fast-developing Internet fulfillment challenges combined to exert pressure on the company’s operations. With no racking or assigned bin locations, storage and retrieval was dependent on the “tribal knowledge” of the work force – where goods would be placed and where/how they were to be found.


Solution – Elite relocated to a modern, single-level building and installed state-of-the-art Accellos One WMS software to manage the company’s warehouse processes. The warehouse is configured for maximum productivity, with the configuration replicated virtually in the Accellos software, which communicates with Elite’s SagePro ERP software via a sophisticated wireless network.


Results – Accellos Partner WACCG implemented the software ahead of schedule and the concurrent moves to new facilities and the new WMS were achieved with no interruption in business. Staff took to the new system quickly; put-away, picking and shipping are faster, with 99 percent-plus accuracy. Many operations have been automated, with paper processes to be eliminated.

Read complete WMS case study

Learn more about Supply Chain Management / Warehouse Management

When it comes to choosing the right warehouse management system (WMS) for your business, it is important to understand your business and warehouse requirements and the benefits of choosing an integrated WMS before starting the selection process.

View our Supply Chain Management/Warehouse Management Solutions

Accellos One, our flagship product, is positioned to help businesses that at a minimum are ready to move to a full warehouse management solution. Businesses that see an ROI of at least $50,000/year are a great fit for Accellos One.  Many smaller customers benefit more from a solution that provides data collection, or more of a simple extension of their ERP system. WAC Consulting Group is one of two national Accellos certified practice partners in the country. Read more about Accellos One WMS.


Riata RF – The Riata RF application was designed to seamlessly integrate RF scanning capability with Sage Pro ERP software. The RF software supports multi-user or multi-warehouse environments, and allows users to receive purchase orders, transfer items from one location to another, issue items to production, receive items from productions, pick items for shipping, receive returned items, take physical inventory and find item quantities and their locations using remote RF handheld scanners. Read more about Riata RF WMS.


AccuDart – AccuDart is a real-time inventory control solution designed specifically for your accounting or inventory system. It is a radio frequency, bar code solution designed to leverage the power of your existing system by providing the warehouse or shop floor with wireless technology.


Read more about AccuDart WMS. For more information on our warehouse management and supply chain solutions, please contact WAC Consulting Group at 877-909-2224 or email and we will follow up with you within one business day.