Provide Superior Customer Service – Speed Up Checkout Times – Reduce Costly Service – Positively Impact Your Brand

Does your point of sale solution affect your brand? Absolutely! What are you doing to ensure that the Point Of Sale software you are currently using is supporting your marketing, brand recognition, vision for your company?

Before deciding on any software solution, take some time to understand the needs of your business.

The Windward POS solution offers advanced features such as:

  • Enhanced touch screen support
  • Multi-site polling
  • Real time debit and credit authorization with fraud check
  • Multiple credit and debit card support on a single transaction
  • Support for receipt printers, bar-code scanners and other hardware
  • Real time inventory management when integrated with your accounting system
  • Layaways and deposits
  • Serial number and lot number support
  • Currency selector and calculator
  • Suspended sale feature
  • ‘On account’ billing

No two businesses are alike; software requirements are unique for each business. Selling furniture and appliancesis very different from selling and servicing motorcycles and lawnmowers. Windward systems are just as unique as your business type.

We believe that a software solution should adapt and change to the way you do business, not the other way around. Using a series of soft switches, Windward Enterprise is flexible enough to suit the requirements of multiple industries. And because Windward Software is built in-house, if they don’t have the feature you need, they can build it for you.

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