Acme Point of sale software is known for providing faster customer assistance with greater accuracy:

  • Layout the screens to match the way you do business.
  • Sell, Return, and Receive on Account all on one transaction, or configure otherwise.
  • Lookup Products and Customers with lightning speed Even with over 250,000 products and 250,000 customers.
  • Use Super Find to search on multiple words and find alternate spellings or abbreviations too! Black, Blk. Louver, LVR, Johnson, Janssen etcetera etc. All with no keywords to maintain!
  • Have your pricing be system driven, yet deal with exceptions quickly.
    Acme handles customer specific prices, sales prices, quantity break pricing, trade discounts and price overrides. You have complete control over clerks and how exceptions are handled.
  • Scan items in any order and Merge Scan delivers accurate quantity pricing.
  • Speed Electronic Payment Processing. Acme handles Credit, Debit, Check Authorization, EBT, and Manufacturer Coupon validation.
  • Train your clerks in between helping real customers with Practice Mode.

The Acme POS system gives you control to enforce your store policies, as you can easily define user groups, assign the groups privileges and then put users into groups.

Benefit from knowing your customers:

  • See when and what they are buying, how much they paid and what your profit was.
  • Add customers “on the fly’ during Ticket Entry.
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction with House Charge accounts.
    Customers can charge and make payments on account right at the checkout lane.
  • Use Acme with our Acme Report Designer* to design your own reports and send custom marketing pieces to targeted customers.
  • See who bought one item but not another related item.
  • Who hasn’t made a recent purchase?
  • Who’s spent over a certain amount of money in a given time period?

* Acme Report Designer is sold separately.

Retail is the art of bringing the right items in the backdoor and moving them out the front, Spend more time moving inventory than managing it.

  • Classify your inventory any way you like.
  • Use Departments and up to five other fields you define.
  • Handle units of measure like a Pro. For example, buy by the case and sell by the can or case.
  • Streamline ordering and counting. An item can have as many PLU’s as you like.
  • Solve mysteries by displaying images of items.
  • Get creative with quantity, customer specific and sale pricing.
    Set it up the way you like and Acme manages it for you.
  • Increase Sales using Kits.
  • Don’t sweat the details. Acme handles associated items like Bottle Deposits or Core Charges with ease.
  • Items help sell themselves! Configure item behaviors so that during Ticket Entry certain items look to a scale for weight or wait for the clerk to enter quantity / price.
  • Solve those taxing issues once and for all. You can tax different items at different rates e.g. liquor at 10% and candy at 6%.
  • Tax an item at different rates depending on who the customer is or if the goods are delivered or picked up.
  • Manage multiple stores without having to be in more than one place at a time.
  • With Acme Point of Sale it is easy to maintain different inventory files for each store, with separate price, cost, on-hand quantity etc.

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