Retailers are using point of sale solutions in part to minimize their cost of doing business, but more importantly these days, to incorporate customer service features and to automate add-on sales functions. Whether you are starting a new retail-base business, or need to re-evaluate your current solution, we hope that you will turn to the professionals at WAC Solution Partners to help you find and tailor a solution that will help you grow your business in leaps and bounds.

The Point Of Sale solutions that we support offer advanced features, as you’ll see from the excerpt below:

  • Enhanced touch screen support
  • Multi-site polling
  • Real time debit and credit authorization with fraud check
  • Multiple credit and debit card support on a single transaction
  • Support for receipt printers, bar-code scanners and other hardware
  • Real time inventory management when integrated with your accounting system
  • Layaways and deposits
  • Serial number and lot number support
  • Currency selector and calculator
  • Suspended sale feature
  • ‘On account’ billing

As point of sale software solution providers we have extensive experience implementing solutions such as Windward Point of Sale Software, UPOS Point of Sale Software and Acme Point of Sale Software.

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