As a leader in the human resources software solutions industry, Sage has its finger on the pulse of the HR industry. Our expertise in HR technology is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing HR and payroll professionals today. And we want to share that knowledge with you by providing relevant content that will help you professionally.


KISS: Keep It Simple Strategies: A Toolbox for First Line HR Managers
This recorded webcast will outline proven strategies for creating success as a first time supervisor or manager in the Human Resources department.

Social Media and HR: Friends or Foes?
Social media is all the buzz, but is it a friend or foe of the HR manager? This recorded webcast explores ways to effectively use social media in Human Resources, and evaluates the effect it can have on policies and procedures and employee/employer communications.

Employee Onboarding – Engagement Strategies
This recorded webcast will introduce effective onboarding activities that begin even before the offer is accepted. Participants will learn a blueprint for successful onboarding strategies.

Building the Business Case for Automating the Human Resources Function
This recorded webcast will outline how HR professionals can prepare and defend a proposal focused on automating the administrative functions within HR.

Healthcare Reform: What it Means for Employers
If you’re like many employers, you have more questions than answers when it comes to the new healthcare reform legislation. In this informative webcast, you’ll learn the true impact of new laws concerning insurance coverage, filing claims, reporting, tax credits, and more. And you’ll come away with a clear picture of what you can do now to prepare to efficiently administer the changes.

Return on Employee Investment
In this presentation, view facts, statistics, and calculation examples, showing the value of investing in employees and its effect on the company’s bottom line. In other words: showing the return on employee investment (ROEI).

Navigating the Mine Field of Federal and State Leave Laws
This recorded webcast is designed to help HR professionals and organizational managers comply with the twists and turns of federal and state mandated leave programs including State Worker’s Compensation programs, FMLA, USERRA, ADA, and ADAA.

Creating the Recruiter’s Little Black Book
This webcast introduces participants to the concepts critical to developing a tactical approach to recruitment and employee retention. Staffing is a critical competency in Human Resources. The difference in a company’s competitive edge is embedded in the skills and abilities of its employees. If HR is to be a true strategic partner, recruiting and retaining the best team members is of decisive importance.

Measuring Up-Using Metrics to Meet & Exceed Expectations
This webcast can help improve the HR professional’s direct impact on business profitability. Learn how to communicate with the C-Suite by aligning workforce management goals with those of the company. In this recorded webcast, metrics for Staffing, Compensation, and Benefits will be used to demonstrate how to speak the language of business while evaluating and improving the performance within the HR function.

Wage and Hour-Staying on the Right Side of the DOL
This recorded webcast will provide important information on changes HR should be making to their compensation programs to ensure compliance and to “Find and Fix” violations of pay practices before a DOL investigator arrives at the door.

NLRB – Should You Be Concerned?
This recorded webcast will introduce you the changes taking place within the National Labor Relations Board. Small to mid-size employers are more likely than ever to be affected by the board’s actions and the growing labor movement in the U.S.

Trust But Verify – The Pros and Cons of Background Screening
This webcast will help HR professionals learn how to walk the balance beam between the courts and the EEOC in regard to background checks, all the while protecting their business, employees, customers, and the public at large.

White Papers

Five Key HR Trends to Watch in 2012
HR managers cannot control events or predict future economic conditions. But they can prepare for uncertainty and contingencies. This white paper outlines five HR trends and topics that HR managers should consider when thinking about 2012.

Failing to Learn: Why Learning is Critical to Strategic Talent Management
Many organizations, regardless of size or industry, are turning to talent management technology solutions to achieve a significant business impact. The irony is that most talent management solutions are missing the one critical component that will make that business impact a reality-learning.

Best Practices in HR: Five Steps to Advance Your Midsized Company’s Talent Management Strategy
Where do you begin as you attempt to develop an effective talent management process based on best practices? Begin by focusing on the five core internal performance management components necessary to support your key business priorities as outlined in this white paper.

Performance Management Solutions for the Mid-Market Organization: Why Bother?
At companies in the mid-market segment, businesses with roughly 250 to 3,000 employees, performance management may seem like an unnecessary annual bureaucratic exercise. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Employee Leave Issues
This whitepaper offers five tips to help you navigate the Bermuda Triangle of employee leave. It is imperative that employers stay up to date on changing compliance requirements in order to ensure that employees receive the benefits and protections of these laws, as well as to control costs, and avoid possible penalties.

Social Media and HR-Friends or Foes?
Social media is changing the way we and make decisions. It may still seem like a fad used by younger people, but in truth, it is rapidly gaining users across generations and becoming a main stream business tool. You may wonder if it is your friend or your foe. But one thing is clear: The time to adopt social media strategies and policies for your business is right now.

The Payroll Manager’s Guide to Year End
Sage Employer Solutions is providing this guide as a resource to help you navigate year-end payroll tasks and prepare to process payroll in the next calendar year. Includes checklist, deadlines, calendar, and links.

The Benefits of Paperless HR
Because of the many paper-intensive administrative processes in the Human Resources department, it is a great area to embrace corporate sustainability objectives by eliminating paper. In this white paper you’ll learn how paperless HR is sustainable, cost-effective, and within your reach.

15 Factors to Consider When Changing How You Process Payroll
When changing how you process payroll, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account. Here are 15 factors to keep in mind.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an HRMS
In order to support executives and managers, HR needs to have the right tools in place to improve access to timely, accurate information that helps produce informed business decisions. This whitepaper explores important things to consider.

HR Technology Tools – What You May Be Missing
The more informed you are about human resources technology options, the better decisions you’ll make when choosing what’s best for your company. This white paper gives you a roundup on how a human resource management system (HRMS) can free you from paperwork, reduce time spent on routine tasks, lower costs, and improve productivity.

HR Software Buyer’s Guide
Our experience has taught us that when people begin searching for human resources management software, they find the process overwhelming. With this white paper, we want to make the HR software purchase process as painless as possible and help you find the right HR software solution for your needs whether that solution is Sage HRMS or another.

The Complete Buyers Guide for Payroll Software
Get the scoop on recent payroll trends, how to analyze the effectiveness of your current payroll software, the key capabilities to look for when you’re ready to purchase, and approaches to determining the credibility and reliability of your software solutions provider.

Avoiding Costly Fines – 2012 Guide to HR Compliance Mandates
If you’re not overwhelmed by the onslaught of constantly changing compliance regulations, you’re likely at least humbled by them. This insightful white paper gives you nearly effortless yet powerful approaches to avoiding fines and maintaining compliance with new regulations and statutes.

What the CEO Needs from Human Resources
Learn what the CEO needs from human resources and what today’s CEO wants to change about workforce management. This white paper will show you how to help executives make well-informed decisions about the workforce.

The Data-Driven HR Organization – How to Achieve It and How to Benefit From It
This white paper was written by Don Farber of VineyardSoft and supports the decision to use KnowledgeSync as a tool for business to stay compliant.

The HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement White Paper
In this guide, we will examine some current statistics about employee engagement, show how employee engagement affects companies’ financial performance, and provide tips to effectively increase employee engagement at your company.

HR Data Management – The Hard Way vs The Easy Way Guide
Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and paper personnel files with an HRMS.


GenX, GenY, Gen? . . . The Risks of Age Profiling in the Workplace

Learn why there is so much emphasis placed on generational differences in today’s world and how to avoid the pitfalls of labeling generations and the impact this will have on business operations.

Recent Court Case Rulings and What They Mean for HR

Learn how you can avoid putting your company at risk of incurring costly fines, penalties, and employee lawsuits by examining the 2011 dockets of HR related cases and how they relate to day-to-day business operations.

Social Media and HR-Friends or Foes?

In this webcast learn the different types of social media networks, how they work, and how they can be used by businesses and employees. Find out what the NLRB has to say about social networking, and the ramifications of the law and social media.

KISS-Keep It Simple Strategies: A Toolbox for First Line HR Managers

Learn skills and principles for being an effective Human Resources Manager, why managing in the HR function is different, and how to be successful.

Employee Onboarding: Engagement Strategies for Your New Hires

Learn the critical components of onboarding, strategies for implementation and management, and the metrics to measure for return on employee investment in your onboarding program.

“Trust But Verify” Pluses and Minuses of Background Screenings

The Balancing Act Between EEOC, the law, and the juries. What’s a Business To Do? Learn more in this presentation from the Sage HR R&R: Refresh and Recertify Webcast Series.

Navigating the Mine Field of Federal and State Leave Laws

This presentation provides human resource professionals and organizational managers information that will help them comply with the many twists and turns of federal- and state-mandated leave programs.

Creating the Recruiters Little Black Book

This presentation introduces readers to the concepts critical to developing a tactical approach to recruitment and employee retention.

Measuring Up – Using Metrics to Meet and Exceed Expectations

Learn what CEOs need to know from human resources and how to use metrics to evaluate and improve staffing and employee management.

Wage and Hour: Staying on the Right Side of the DOL

Learn what CEOs need to know from human resources and how to use metrics to evaluate and improve staffing and employee management.

NLRB: Should You Be Concerned?

What actions are currently being taken by the NLRB that can affect your company? Learn this and find out what actions your company should be engaging in now before you become the target.

The HR Manager’s Guide to Proper Worker Classification

If you incorrectly classify a worker, you could be subject to penalties by the IRS, and by many states. Learn about properly classifying workers in this presentation.

Analyst Reports

Raise the Bar on HR
Talent management has been elevated to the top of strategic human resources management challenges propelled by the changing workplace expectations of Generation Y and the struggle to attract and retain the quality of human capital that businesses require. How organizations handle this will determine the winners and losers in this evolving environment.

Core HR Systems—Aberdeen Research
From competition for top talent to spiraling benefits costs, the challenges of human resources make many business owners squirm. Now, globalization is bearing down on businesses with increased competitive pressures. This, combined with evolving technological advances, calls for an acceleration of workforce skill development. You can take control of your HR functions by using the proper technology to your advantage.

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