Business managers tend to see HR and payroll applications as an extension of the accounting system, understandably so since these greatly impact a company’s financial performance. It is therefore quite critical to choose a solution that not only fulfills an organization’s needs in terms of managing employee information but also one that is easily integrated into the accounting system.

Core HR and payroll functionality such as attendance, benefits compliance, recruiting, and performance appraisal management can further be complemented with employee self-service solutions such automated benefit enrollment, which will lessen the amount of paperwork handled by your staff.The solutions we support come with hundreds of standard reports generated by industry-leading Crystal Report® Writer, customizable templates and easy-to-use query tools.

  • Track all types of paid and unpaid time off
  • Provide staff with a central location for managing personal data
  • Offer self-service benefits management
  • Manage online applications, integrate with major job boards
  • Schedule training programs and manage certifications
  • Create organizational charts and communicate changes
  • Keep employees informed about key activities through automated alerts
  • Customize your systems to track information you specify

Sage HRMS contains all the essentials you need for efficient and reliable human resource management. The robust, underlying database acts as your single point of truth. The solution contains comprehensive benefits administration, and addresses all of your compliance reporting needs, time-off and absence tracking, and powerful import and export functions. The intuitive user interface gives you quick access to the information and is built with your daily tasks and processes in mind. The sophisticated, multilevel security options let you control who can access or view information.

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