F9 financial reporting software offers easy-to-use Financial Reporting tools that dynamically link General Ledger (GL) data to Microsoft Excel and is available for all the accounting and ERP systems, supported by the WAC Consulting Group. By employing a combination of simple cell formulas in Excel, F9 allows any GL data to be formatted into any desired financial report in the flexible and powerful environment of the spreadsheet.

Learn how F9 software:

  • Directly links to real-time data
  • Consolidates data from multiple systems
  • Drills down from the report to the data origin
  • Retrieves and edits GL budgets in Excel

F9 financial reporting software offers an unbeatable feature package including, drill down, multiple date ranges, multi-currency, lists of account segments, and report auditing. It also does all of this while being dynamically Hot linked to the General Ledger (GL), ensuring that all numbers are timely, consistent and complete.

The F9 Hotlink reporting tool integrates live data from the G/L into Excel, creating a powerful platform for producing custom financial reports and reporting solutions such as Executive Information Systems.

The F9 Professional reporting package is a complete package for creating flexible, customized financial reports. F9 Pro is a powerful financial intelligence tool that has integrated with over 75 accounting systems. In a simple process, F9 Pro brings your General Ledger data into the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, where reports can be easily formatted. After “pumping” specified data from the General Ledger and storing it in the F9 Datamart, F9 Pro dynamically links that data into a spreadsheet. Here, you can customize the report any way you like by including colors, fonts, graphs, charts, pivot tables or graphics.

For more information on financial reporting solutions, please contact WAC Consulting Group at 877-909-2224, or email inquiry@wacconsultinggroup.com. We will follow up with you within 1 business day.

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