Email Automation

At key points in the sales and purchases processes, emails can be auto-generatedand a PDF of the accompanying document attached and sent. The PDF’s are generated automatically referencing the document number and not a meaningless number.  To control what gets sent and to whom, groups of rules can be defined and assigned to individual companies. For example, one group could contain rules that send emails when an order is accepted, when it is shipped, andwhen it is invoiced. That particular group of rules could then be assigned to any company.

The benefits are:

  • Automatically acknowledge orders received from customers.
  • Electronically send invoices when orders are shipped.
  • Released purchase orders automatically sent to suppliers

Geographic Hot Spots

This is a tool designed for companies that conduct national or international businessand want to understand how their sales are spread among geographic areas. By giving a radius inmiles and a range of dates, this report will calculate and rank areas based on their sales volume.

This allows you to:

  • Accurately see which areas contribute the most/least to your company’s sales.
  • Rank the customers that make up the sales volume in each area.
  • Enter a zip code and a radius and get the sales volume for an area.

Automatic Period Closings

In essence, automatic period closings remove the necessity to make period closingentries and to release batch postings to the general ledger before you are able to operate in thenext period. This is accomplished by having any business transactions in ALERE that produce GLjournal entries do so in real time to the general ledger. On the first day of the next period ALEREsimply begins posting to that period. Since journal entries are date sensitive, adjusting the date ofentry allows you to post any required closing entries. Naturally, the ability to post to prior periods ispassword protected.

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