ALERE Accounting contains the features you need to grow your business. Everything from keeping track of complex inventories, processing customer orders and managing payables, to providing sophisticated general ledger financial controls It does this by placing an emphasis on the details that make day-to-day activities run smoothly. Activities like processing a prepayment or handling a return are done quickly, logically and with a minimum number of steps.

The Top Six Reasons To Consider Buying ALERE:

  1. Automatic Period Closing – No more late evenings or wasted weekends making closing entries and releasing batch postings to the general ledger before operating in the next period.
  2. Enter Companies Once – Whether the companies you do business with are customers, suppliers or both, their information is entered in only one place, one time.
  3. Pending Sales & Purchase Orders – Create all types of orders in sales and purchases without releasing the live.
  4. Order Line Types – Give your customers better service by handling their sales, credits and returns all on one order.
  5. Sales Order Configuration – Choose features and options during order entry.
  6. General Ledger Posting Tab – See the actual GL journal entries, in real time, that go with anything you do in ALERE.

Most importantly, ALERE provides a very high ‘benefits to cost’ value that allows project management to remain at a reasonable budget level. The ability to customize ALERE to a company’s business style and continue to upgrade to new releases preserves the investment made in modifications.

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