For companies needing flexibility including highly customizable features, Sage Pro delivers the maximum benefits by accommodating any unique requirements.Sage Pro is developed using industry-leading technology and is the foundation for an integrated set of end-to-end business management applications.Long recognized for its speed and reliability, Sage Pro is available in 200 and 100 Editions.

Sage Pro 200 Edition

The Sage Pro 200 Edition delivers all the convenience of a full-featured accounting solution with the added benefit of source code availability for virtually unlimited customization – offering you maximum control over your accounting system and its growth path.

Sage Pro 100 Edition
The Sage Pro 100 Edition supports up to 10 concurrent users, and is built upon the same award-winning feature set as Sage Pro 200 Edition, providing you with the financial management power you need now with the ability to easily upgrade the capabilities of your software as your business grows.

What’s New in Sage Pro ERP 2011?

Sage Pro 2011 was built with existing customers in mind to help you improve your daily processes and give you more options for analyzing and using your data both within and outside your Sage Pro system.

  • Reconcile your bank accounts faster
  • Be alerted of important customer information
  • View your customers average days to pay
  • Accept credit cards securely
  • Setup a default warehouse per customer
  • Display GL account numbers on several reports
  • Count your inventory in groups
  • Import a vendor price list
  • Default to a landed cost in PO
  • Switch between add and edit screens more easily

Download Sage Pro 2011 Release Guide

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Discovering-depth Sage Pro Functionality

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