With a user-friendly interface and features designed to enhance the core application modules, Sage Pro ERP may be the right solution for you. A major benefit of using Sage Pro ERP is its ability to easily integrate with other Sage Software applications such as CRM, HR and Warehouse Management, among others.

For companies needing flexibility including highly customizable features, Sage Pro delivers the maximum benefits by accommodating any unique requirements. Sage Pro is developed using industry-leading technology and is the foundation for an integrated set of end-to-end business management applications. Long recognized for its speed and reliability, Sage Pro is available in versions 200 and 100.

Sage Pro 200 Edition

Ready to Use, Easy to Adapt
Sage Pro is a robust accounting and manufacturing solution designed to meet the changing needs of your company. From simple desktop personalization and user-specific customization, to complete source code modification, Sage Pro adapts to the way you do business. Sage Pro offers a full range of features and benefits and is available in two editions to help you better manage your business. Sage Pro 200 Edition (EE) comes with full source code and can be uniquely modified to maximize your business processes. Sage Pro 100 (SBE) is ideal for the smaller client who may need the option of upgrading to the 200 Edition over time.

Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
Our reputation for providing dependable, cost-effective accounting solutions for more than two decades was built on servicing customers just like you. If you’re looking for integrated e-business technology, superior performance, functionality and rock-solid stability, Sage Pro has the right solutions for your business today and tomorrow. As your business requirements change, Sage Pro offers a comprehensive Investment Protection Plan that allows you to upgrade from Sage Pro SBE to Sage Pro EE as your needs change. You get preferred pricing and conversion tools, saving you time and money. Our value-added protection plan is offered across all of our products, which means you will never have to worry about integrating your business management and e-business solutions.

Source Code Customizability
Sage Pro can be fully customized to maximize your business processes, allowing you to operate more efficiently and profitably. You can easily change source code, forms and reports, and with Sage Pro Customization Manager, it’s never been easier to create unique screens for your users. As your business evolves, you’re never locked in because Sage Pro Series offers true customizability for ultimate flexibility and growth, which keeps you in control of your business.

Real-Time Business Information
With the Sage Pro Business Status Report you can check vital financial measurements in real time. Check your accounts receivable balance, accounts payable balance, month-to-date sales and cost of goods – even see projected totals. It’s like a thermometer for your business.

Automated Work Flow
Sage Pro Alerts specifically designed to notify you of key information—without having to go look for it! It acts as a “business robot,” automatically searching for critical events defined by you, and then taking appropriate action in response.

Powerful Drilldown Capabilities
Sage Pro’s exclusive DataDriller technology utilizes sophisticated multilevel data drilldown capabilities that enable you to display data, in any order, customized for any user that you specify. You assign the permissions and security codes, so you’re in total control. The Sage Pro DataDriller browser can also run as a stand-alone application for faster access to key information.

Advanced Messaging
Sage Pro Message Master™ simultaneously prints or sends e-mail, faxes, files and/or attaches reports. You can send forms or reports concurrently to a virtually unlimited number of recipients at any time of day with the ability to customize settings by user, and keep a log of all documents transmitted.

Integrated Manufacturing Suite
Sage Pro Manufacturing gives you a competitive edge with a comprehensive, integrated suite of production modules, such as Production Entry, Work Orders, and Shop Control. With the seamless integration to the financial and operational modules, including Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Bills of Lading and Customer Connect, Sage Pro gives you the complete solution you need to smoothly manage your manufacturing and distribution operations.

Integrated Warehouse Management (not available with SBE)
For companies seeking a powerful, feature-rich solution for automating their warehouse inventory-handling process, Sage Pro Warehouse Management System (WMS) seamlessly integrates with Pro Series and scales to accommodate the varied demands of small to highly complex, high-volume distribution centers. Sage Pro WMS works with Sage Pro Series by integrating radio-frequency (RF) and barcoding technologies, shipping systems and other warehouse automation equipment with the Order Entry, Inventory Control and Purchase Orders modules

Ultimate End-User Efficiency and Productivity
Sage Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility with state-of-the-art tool bars that are customizable by user and available throughout the system. Now your employees can have instant access to the transaction and maintenance screens they use most—which translates into increased efficiency and productivity.

Doc on Disk
Sage Pro Doc on Disk makes it easier than ever before to immediately query essential Help files. Featuring user-friendly menus with extensive hyper-links to information you need, Doc on Disk eliminates the need for manual reference searching and offers superior querying capabilities that are not possible with the printed manual. Doc on Disk uses the popular Adobe™ Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

Online Help
Sage Pro offers context-sensitive Online Help, providing task-specific documentation for any screen in the application. Online Help also provides “Contents”, “Index”, and “Find” tabs to assist with information queries.

Sage Pro 100 Edition

Easy to Use

You’ll appreciate the familiar, easy-to-navigate Windows interface of Sage Pro 100 and its tight integration with Microsoft Office. In addition, Sage Pro 100 offers the ultimate in flexibly with state of the art tool bars customizable by users.

Sage Pro 100 is an entry-level solution, with all components fully integrated for maximum efficiency, simplicity, and reliability.

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