Sage Pro Manufacturing drives efficiencies within manufacturing processes. Are quick-turn adjustments critical to your business? This solution is designed to automated input measurements and calculate production outputs, to help profit margins. Also, the Sage Pro manufacturing software solution can synchronize your manufacturing data with purchasing, sales, receivables, and accounting.

Production Entry

Production Entry provides bill of materials, sales kit and configuration, and backflush processing. This manufacturing software solution even supports up to 99 bill of material levels and real-time costing from Inventory Control! To handle product configuration requirements with speed and flexibility, built-in modular and variable Bill of Material (BOM) types can reduce the need to maintain multiple BOMs.

Bills of Materials • Sales Kitting • Product Configurator • Backflushing

Work Orders

Work Orders enables component allocation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) features. Production orders can be automatically generated from sales order requirements, inventory shortages, or inventory forecasts with this manufacturing software solution. By defining work centers and operation steps, manufacturers can create flexible labor routes. Generates purchase orders from MRP shortages and bill of material components marked for external processing.

Component Allocation • Production Orders • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) • Labor Routes with Work Centers and Operations

Shop Control

Shop Control delivers shop floor capacity scheduling, what-if planning capabilities, and WIP tracking for production managers that require Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) features. Imports open work orders with defined routes, identifies bottlenecks, and calculates work order completion dates. What-if plan orders can be created to view material and resource requirements without affecting real-time purchasing decisions.

Fixed Capacity Scheduling • Plan Orders • WIP Tracking • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII)

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