The Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) product line offers maximum flexibility to drive profits up, and costs down. The modular design provides the flexibility to choose the functionality and platform that best suit your business needs now with the confidence that when your needs change you can add users and modules, and grow with the same user interface moving up to a more powerful ERP system. Sage 100 ERP provides an intuitive, user-centered design, contextual information, and related tasks to increase your productivity and streamline your workflows. Innovative easy customization is upgrade-safe to keep total cost of ownership low.

Sage 100 Advanced ERP: Support for Multiple Locations and Remote Users
If you’re currently running Sage 100 Standard ERP and you want to increase your processing power, elevate system performance, enhance data integrity, reliability and remote access, you can choose to move to Sage 100 Advanced ERP. Incorporating all the benefits of a thin client/server platform with the functionality of Sage 100 ERP, easily transition to Sage 100 Advanced ERP with minimal impact to your users, because it utilizes the same user interface and offers the same modules. All program logic, processing and data management tasks are performed on the application server, while user interface tasks are performed using a thin client installed on the workstation. The result is less network traffic and more room for transactional growth over the long term for your business. By minimizing data transmission across the network, more bandwidth becomes available to support multiple workstations.

Sage 100 Premium ERP – the benefits of Sage 100 ERP combined with Microsoft SQL Server
Sage 100 Premium ERP combines the robust functionality, ease of use and powerful customization of Sage 100 ERP with Microsoft SQL Server’s efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Offering a broad selection of feature-rich modules, Sage 100 Premium ERP also offers the flexibility to choose the modules that best suit your business needs — including core accounting and financial, business intelligence, light assembly and distribution, customer relationship management, and web services to build an integrated ERP system optimized for your business. Keeps your total cost of ownership (TCO) low using innovative built-in customization tools that survive upgrades without costly programming or redesign. Ensure smooth, successful updates with integrations at the application level using eBusiness Web Services or Business Objects®.

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Sage 100 ERP Online

Your business needs are constantly changing and so must your management system. Support the growth of your business in the right areas while reducing capital expenses and optimizing your cash flow.  Sage Subscription licensing allows you to take advantage of the rich functionality and flexibility of on-premise solutions, with an affordable monthly payment option that adapts to your usage of the solution as your business evolves. With this low monthly payment option, you get:

  • Complete peace of mind with an all-inclusive offering for financial, distribution and/or manufacturing management.
  • Access to extended functionality when you need it, for a small additional fee per month.
  • Simplicity and control over payments.
  • Ability to adapt the investment based on needs and use of the solution (adding/removing users or options)
All Inclusive
  • Includes ERP, financial, and operational reporting and asset management
  • Full user access to all premium functionality included in the product bundles
  • Unlimited support with Sage Business Care Gold Plan
  • Access to Sage support, knowledgebase, and Sage University Anytime learning
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • 20% discount off real-time training and $200 discount on Sage Summit registration
Extended Functionality
  • Additional software or options outside the product bundle available for a small additional fee per month
  • Sage Business Care Silver Plan available for $10/month reduction in fee per user
  • Sage CRM for $35/month per named user
  • Payroll for $50/month
  • Additional modules and Endorsed Partner solutions coming soon
Flexible Terms
  • No lengthy minimum term
  • Ability to adjust user counts up/down
  • Volume discounts/tiers based on user counts

A Sage Subscription Plan allows you to manage your cash more efficiently and effectively. By spreading the costs of your software contract over monthly payments, you are able to reduce the financial burden of a large up-front investment each year. Plus, you have the ability to adjust costs to the actual usage of your solution on the go and adapt to new business needs by adding or removing users and/or functionality. This provides ongoing peace of mind that you will continue to receive the support and software upgrades that keep your system running at optimal levels.

Lowest Price Per User Per Month Sage 100 ERP
Finance Bundle $52
Distribution Bundle (Finance + Distribution) $79

A Sage Subscription license offers you the functionality you will need for your business and access to the wealth of Sage solutions and add-ons to extend and adapt your system when needed.

Make Your Business Life Easier!

Choice Access to additional Sage Solutions or modules at a minimal investment and cost per user per month Choose the solutions and modules you need not just the one you can afford’
Flexibility Ability to adapt the investment based on needs and use the solution (adding/removing users or options) Adapt your solution and cost to a fast changing environment’
Control Predictable cost per month Increase control over your IT expenses and adjust payments’
Peace of Mind Get (back) full support and upgrades at a small cost per user Make the most of your Sage Solution, always’

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