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Oracle | NetSuite’s Presence in Different Industries

NetSuite in the Light Manufacturing Industry – NetSuite’s Light Manufacturing module gives manufacturers and wholesale distributors that need to assemble products or perform other light manufacturing activities a single, integrated application to manage, simplify and speed the full range of manufacturing operations. It offers light manufacturers greater cost-efficiency through support for controlling product assembly, assembling inventory kits, calculating item costs and compiling materials lists.

NetSuite in the Services Industry – With Oracle | NetSuite Services Company Edition, your firm can manage your entire client service and business management processes with a flexible, powerful business application—integrating professional services automation, client relationship management, client service delivery, financials, ecommerce, and more. Now your service company can sell more to new and existing clients, manage your projects for high levels of service at lower cost, and manage your entire business for greater profitability.

NetSuite in the Wholesale Distribution Industry – Oracle | NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is a single, flexible business application that integrates customer-facing sales force automation, marketing, and customer service processes with back-office inventory management, fulfillment, and accounting processes. Oracle | NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition leverages the experience and lessons learned from working with over a thousand worldwide distributor customers, complemented by a best-practices professional service implementation methodology and customization services. With Oracle | NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition, you can grow your business, provide new services, increase customer service levels, and cut costs throughout your organization.

NetSuite in the Media and Publishing Industry – Oracle | NetSuite’s solution for companies in media and publishing businesses provides the ability to manage all your customers—subscribers and advertisers alike—in a unique application that seamlessly integrates sales and order management with back-office financial and accounting processes within a single, flexible business application. In crafting Oracle | NetSuite for Media and Publishing companies, Oracle | NetSuite has leveraged experience and best practices from a host of media and publishing companies, complemented with a superior professional service implementation methodology and customization services.

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Tom White