AccountMate is a powerful source code accounting package that has consistently won industry awards for its advanced technology, speed, reliability, and ease of use. AccountMate includes in its catalog a variety of seamlessly integrated companion modules such as CRM, Job Costing, Point of Sale and Warehouse Management.

InfoAlert is an event processor that allows you to automate daily tasks and monitor your data in real time. AccountMate uses a SQL Server back end and can scale up to hundreds of users.

AccountMate for Express and AccoSQLuntMate for SQL

AccountMate for Express is designed for small to mid-sized businesses that desire the stability and speed of SQL Server without incurring the expense of  Server licenses and will have up to five simultaneous users.

AccountMate for SQL is designed to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users. There is no built-in limit to the size of your company databases; thereby eliminating the need to archive excessive records.

Both AccountMate products offer an identical user-interface, the same ease of use, number of modules and are source code modifiable. This flexibility can allow AccountMate products to be customized to fit your business processes and adjust as your business grows.

A company can graduate from AccountMate for Express to AccountMate for SQL and still maintain their investment in staff training and software customization. Our seamless data migration makes this a quick and easy upgrade.

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