MAPADOC offers power and flexibility!

The MAPADOC mapping utility enables end-users to easily update maps on the fly.

Our unique EDI mapping wizard for inbound purchase orders (850) and outbound invoices (810) cuts mapping time by over 75%. When vendors institute new rules, you will be ready.

MAPADOC allows mapping to/from Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and 200) fields, preset variables and user defined fields (UDFs). You can assign cross-reference values and perform pre-processing and post-processing data format conversions. Available cross-references include item, ship to, ship via, warehouse address code and UPC code.

MAPADOC is a Complete Solution

Inbound Purchase Order (850) Creation

  • Assign unique sales order sequences to each trading partner
  • Create multiple sales orders from one purchase order
  • Create backorders
  • Easily run exception reports
  • Validate incoming data against existing data
  • Explode kit items Outbound Invoice (810) Creation
  • Automatically send outbound invoices after sales journal updates
  • Issue credit and debit memos
  • Consolidate invoice creation
  • Resend invoices from history
  • Assign a range of customers or divisions to factor/trading partners

Outbound Advance Ship Notice (856) Creation

  • Use trading partner specific item IDs, carton IDs, UCC qualifiers,
    UCC 128 label formats and package indicators
  • Skip hierarchy level (HL) pack and order information
  • Calculate UCC bill of lading numbers
  • Automatically create ASNs for a range of sales orders and ship dates
  • Assign sales order ranges to ASNs. You can select by trading partner,
    sales order, purchase order, ship to code, ship to fax, ship date, ship
    via, warehouse and DC code
  • Auto-generate invoices from ASNs
  • Create VICS bill of lading reports

Flexible Shipment Processing

  • Automatically create shipment package information according to
    setup options
  • Automatically pack items according to case quantities entered in item
    cross reference
  • Automatically pack specific items or an entire order into one case
  • Create UCC 128 labels
  • Reselect individual cases for label reprinting

Order Pick/Pack Data Entry

  • Create labels for one case at a time or for the entire order
  • Pack the remaining items into one case or create additional cases with
    the same items and quantities

Order Pick/Pack Integrates With StarShip

  • Pass information to and from StarShip
  • Record tracking numbers and freight information on orders
    and invoices

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