White Papers

Glossary of CRM and Related Terms

This whitepaper provides you with a glossary of CRM and related terms.


IDC Manufacturing Brief

This IDC Brief highlights the importance of CRM in the manufacturing industry. According to IDC data, a majority of manufacturing firms (67%) have a fragmented approach to CRM. There are only approximately 15% of manufacturing firms worldwide that have an integrated approach to CRM. This document emphasizes that in order for manufacturing organizations to capture the opportunity for growth, they need a cohesive CRM strategy and a solution that will enable them to bring automation to their complete attract-sell-serve process.

The Benefits of Front-to-Back Office Integration

This whitepaper demonstrates how front-to-back-office integration enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to address the issues of back-office connectivity. Specifically, it details how pre-packaged, integration-ready solutions from Sage CRM allow SMBs to seamlessly connect their business processes, applications and data to (1) manage customer relationships more effectively, (2) reduce costs and (3) increase profitability over the long term. Significantly, this can be achieved without the cost and complexity normally associated with projects of this type.

On-Demand or On-Premise CRM: 5 Things to Consider Before Making Your Decision

Choosing the most suitable deployment model for a new CRM system can be a particularly important and challenging decision for companies. Deployment, however, is a ‘how’ rather than a ‘what’, and alternative CRM solutions are separated by a broader range of considerations than just the choice between on-demand and on-premise. This whitepaper aims to provide a clearer understanding of the context of deployment within overall selection criteria and examines the five key considerations associated with the area.

The Benefits of Sage CRM Internet Architecture

This document describes the underlying architecture of Sage CRM and explains how the application of its internet architecture can become a competitive advantage for your business.

Accelerate Out of the Downturn with Sage CRM

There is no question that the current global downturn has presented businesses with the toughest economic conditions for several generations. This whitepaper examines how Sage is enabling small and medium-sized businesses to ensure that they are well-placed to succeed in the new reality of the post-recession marketplace.