Some of the key features of ClickBase include :

  • Highly customizable interface – Each user of the program can customize it to make it more functional for them.  This allows each employee to set up the interface for maximum efficiency.
  • Web Portal – The availability of a web interface enables sales staff to access any information they need from wherever they are.  By going online to access the information, they can access it at any time, from any device – making them better prepared for contingencies.
  • Compatibility – Do you already use a number of other systems to pull reports, gather data, and process information?  That’s fine – Clickbase works well with other programs and can streamline all that information into one place.
  • Analysis – Knowing what your selling and to who is important.  Being able to create custom reports and change them as needed means that you can quickly determine sales information for each customer, territory or item.

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