Developed for rapid implementation, ClickBase provides end users with near-immediate productivity, after just a two-hour training session. By connecting data across their organization and multiple database, ClickBase eliminates information stove pipes.

ClickBase is not only integrated with all the ERP solutions that the WAC Consulting group offers, and many more, but it also is available pre-configured for any number of these solutions. This means that a new implementation could be up and running in under one day, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Manage, query, display, search, group and relate enterprise wide data elements into reports that provide answers
  • Analyze data with tools that provide business intelligence reporting and distribute the findings across multiple applications
  • Present information through any application or form you choose.


With its built in reports, ClickBase helps you analyze your sales by item, by customer, by territory, etc., using the ‘drag and drop’ approach to add or remove reporting items.

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