Computer Accounting Systems hauls out the old accounting system.The replacement part, Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90/200) engineers the way to enhanced analytical processes.

Since 1975, Washington Crane and Hoist Company has provided innovative material handling solutions, quality parts and reliable service for its customers throughout the Western U.S. They are a complete material handling systems integration specialist.

Their corporate offices, engineering, manufacturing, service and parts distribution facility are located in Pacific, Washington, just 25 miles south of Seattle.

Whether the application requires an overhead bridge crane, enclosed track conveyor or automated storage and retrieval system, their staff of experienced professionals can design, engineer, manufacture, install and service a material handling system that will improve a company’s productivity and sharpen their competitive edge.

Tow Microsoft’s Small Business Manager…
Before hiring Computer Accounting Systems, Inc. as their business solutions provider, Washington Crane and Hoist was using Microsoft’s Small Business Manager accounting solution.

When Joanne Williamson, CPA, joined the firm, the implementation of Small Business Manager was already halfway completed, and she committed to follow through and use the product. Unfortunately, this was not the best decision for Washington Crane and Hoist as the solution proved to lack the functionality needed by the staff.

Joanne needed a robust job cost system, she needed the capability to quickly and easily manipulate data and she needed an ERP system that could be customized to reflect the company’s business processes.

“I was preparing and updating multiple Excel spreadsheets outside of the accounting software to manipulate data the way we needed to report it,” recalls Joanne. To make matters worse, she also found mistakes in the Payroll reports, which meant she was relying on her spreadsheets to keep her numbers straight as opposed to relying on the ERP system.

Many hours were wasted on duplicating data outside of the system, and those resources were needed to support other business development activities.

Replacement Part that was the Right Fit…Sage ERP MAS 90
Joanne Williamson knew Mike Renner, President of Computer Accounting Systems, and approached him about a system that would generate the information she needed and eliminate spreadsheet-based analyses.

Over the course of several needs analysis meetings, Mike Renner captured Joanne’s concerns and needs and recommended the Sage ERP MAS 90 accounting system.

Sage ERP MAS 90 facilitates information flows between finance, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and the resulting transparency of information across all business operations improves a company’s decision-making process.

The solution would provide Washington Crane and Hoist, Inc. with the integrated solution they needed to enhance their business processes.

Washington Crane and Hoist Rescued By Lifting Device…Computer Accounting Systems
Careful planning went into the next steps, which included preparing for the implementation of Sage ERP MAS 90 and importing company data into the new system.

Once the implementation was done, Mike Renner, who is a certified Sage ERP MAS 90 trainer, worked oneon- one with the staff in the accounting /payroll / purchase orders departments to ensure that they would effectively use the system, including the new functionality that would eliminate much of the double-work and error-checking.

Joanne Williamson trimmed down the time spent manipulating reports and updating spreadsheets by one third, immediately following the implementation, and was able to devote more of her resources to support business development activities for the company.

Servicing the Purchase Order Department
To help their vendors follow the proper shipping procedure, Washington Crane and Hoist, Inc. prints freight instructions on their purchase orders. Back in the Microsoft Small Business Manager days, that meant that the purchasing manager had to prepare a two page document with specific instructions, attach it to each purchase order and send the whole package to the vendors.

At times, entire days would be devoted to preparing, faxing or emailing the set of documentation to vendors. The Sage ERP MAS 90 Custom Office module was a welcome solution to this time-wasting problem. User-defined fields were configured by Computer Accounting Systems, so that these specific instructions could be created and stored for future use each time a new Purchase Order needed to be submitted.

Besides shipping instructions, such fields were quickly populated with information on custom boxes and specific measurements for items that the company purchased on a regular basis. These time-saving steps freed up at least 2-3 hours in the purchasing manager’s day, who is now able to regularly assist other departments. The implementation also added capacity to process more orders as the business grows.

Business Solution Provider and Accounting System Haul Material Handling Solutions Provider Towards Success
“I enjoy working with Computer Accounting Systems,” says Joanne Williamson, “because they took the time to thoroughly understand our processes and they were able to provide easy ways to use our new ERP system to meet our business needs. They are themselves expert users of their system and are always able to answer our questions. Their positive outlook and efficient way of doing business makes it easy to do business with them.” Joanne has happily recommended Sage ERP MAS 90 to businesses similar to Washington Crane and Hoist.

For Mike Renner, President of Computer Accounting Systems, Inc., working with Washington Crane and Hoist, Inc. is a positive experience as well because “they are a forward thinking, well-run business that is leveraging technology in an efficient way to improve their business processes. The knowledgeable staff at Washington Crane and Hoist, Inc. appreciates our guidance and expertise, and their positive attitude makes them a pleasure to work with” he says.

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