Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90) and Computer Accounting Systems replace Washington Crane and Hoist’s old ERP system

The Fastener Group supplies manufacturers and government agencies with hi-tech and military fasteners, and electro mechanical components, in the exact quantities – small and large – that their customers require. The company sources its hardware from a large number of world-wide manufacturers, and maintains onsite inventory for rapid delivery when needed. As an ISO 9001 certified Company, The Fastener Group pays the utmost attention to quality and timely service delivery.

As a long-time user of SBT VisionPoint for their accounting needs, The Fastener Group had overtime devised a system that attempted to track each part by all possible references: their own internal item number, their customers’ order number, their suppliers’ SKU, even by milspec (military specifications). This system called for assigning a random, new number to each new order, which was then passed on to the purchase order, inventory system, sales order, invoice and financial reports.

This method did not allow for quick look-up of order information using customers and suppliers own references, and time was often spent trying to cross-reference orders, shipments and invoices. The Fastener Group needed a solution that would automatically create such a cross-reference system.

WAC Consulting recommended an upgrade to Sage Pro ERP, which included all the financial and accounting functionality required by the Company, and for which a 3rd party application was available to quickly and efficiently capture all the permutations of order information for each item carried in inventory: internal order number, customers’ references, suppliers’ skus and military specifications. With the power of the source code, which is supplied with Sage Pro, WAC Consulting was then able to add custom functionality that allows anyone at The Fastener Group to look up any given order at any given point in the ordering process.

The Fastener Group has eliminated their risk of error in their entire supply chain, and has dramatically reduced their look-up when taking order or providing customers with a shipment update. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, and suppliers praise the efficient tracking system implementing throughout the Company, because all of their information is integrated to create a single source, up-to-the-minute, online information on shipments, order status, quotations and inventory.

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