Snoozer Pet Products Elected As Pack Leader for Innovation; Leaps to Success with PCI DSS Compliance Standards

Snoozer Pet Products has consistently been the pack leader in the pet products manufacturing industry since beginning operations in 1985. With several products already patented or patents-pending, Snoozer Pet Products illustrates a well groomed business.

Snoozer Pet Products is famous for its products like the Lookout Pet Car Seat, in the pet products industry and retail industry; the business also has a strong presence in many specialty catalogues and internet channels. Snoozer Pet Products distributes some of its finest pet beds, pet sofas, pet carriers, and pet accessories through reputable retailers like Petco and Doctors Foster and Smith.

Some years ago, Brian O’Donnell, owner of Snoozer Pet Products, acknowledged that the company’s transaction volume was steadily growing. In order to expand, they needed to install an integrated business ERP solution, and move away from the unsupported DOS based product being used at the time. Some of the fleas plaguing Snoozer Pet Products at the time were confusion and backlogs in processing orders, 7-14 days in getting orders out the door, and no ability to drop-ship.

Computer Systems & Programming conducted a thorough business needs analysis and recommended implementing Sage Pro ERP to Snoozer Pet Products because of the system’s ability to integrate with a whole litter of products, and its ability to grow with the business.

Within one month of implementing Sage Pro ERP, Snoozer Pet Products saw a quantifiable turnaround in business. Now orders were getting out the door within 24-48 hours of receiving an order, and drop shipping products was no longer an issue. With the new system in place, Snoozer Pet Products sales have gone up 35-40 %.

In January 2010, Snoozer Pet Products learned about the PCI DSS standard. The PCI DSS is a security standard that includes twelve requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.

This standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data. It was created by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB) to help facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis. Businesses that failed to meet these requirements by July 1, 2010 would be subject to fines, costly forensic audits or brand damage, if a data breach occurred.

“When we heard about the PCI DSS standard requirements and the approaching deadline, examining our credit card handling processes became essential. We didn’t want a six figure fine on our hands!” recalls Brian O’Donnell.

At Snoozer Pet Products, credit card information was being stored in customer files and employees were manually keying in the credit card numbers to charge them. This procedure was approximately taking a couple of hours every day, often because the credit card numbers taken over the phone were invalid.

Snoozer Pet Products turned to Computer Systems & Programming for advice on how to proceed. Mary Clark, President of Computer Systems & Programming recommended purchasing the credit card module, which meant upgrading their current system, and switching to Sage Payment Solutions, a PCI DSS Compliant credit card merchant solution.

Paula O’Donnell, Accounting Manager said, “I was fairly nervous to implement the credit card module, simply because I am one that doesn’t adjust well to change. I have a daily routine and I get nervous when a “wrench” is thrown in.”

Even with some hesitation among employees, Snoozer Pet Products decided to upgrade their Business ERP system since it made the best sense for the company.

Brian O’Donnell says, “The upgrade was smooth; and using the credit card module, was an easy transition for all of us. Now we take an order over the phone, and do a credit card pre-authorization at the same time; which means no more invalid credit card numbers! This functionality has helped us save a day a week processing credit cards. That’s a 20% time savings per week.”

After the implementation, Paula O’Donnell had a different viewpoint on the credit card module. She said, “The new credit card module has made my job a lot easier. It is SO convenient to charge the order immediately after invoicing. It saves me an entire step…not to mention the time saved from not having to look up and manually key in to a Veriphone!”

Snoozer Pet Products has already outdone their credit card sales from 2 years ago; and expect a third of their business in 2010 to be in credit card sales. Computer Systems & Programming has offered Snoozer Pet Products a higher level of confidence that they will get paid. Snoozer Pet Products is now PCI DSS compliant which means no more credit card numbers stored in their system and no more concerns about getting fined.

Brian O’Donnell says, “Meeting the PCI DSS Compliance requirements was an easy step by step process, and proved to be a seamless implementation.”

Brian O’Donnell is very pleased with Computer Systems & Programming. He says, “We have been with Mary Clark for many years and really enjoy working with her. She’s attentive to our business processes and needs. If we have a problem she will take the time to discuss our needs and put together a quality solution for us. Her support is invaluable to us.”

Mary Clark, President of Computer Systems & Programming, Inc. says, “I enjoy working with Snoozer Pet Products, because they consider me a partner in their business. Their success and willingness to leverage technology to grow their business makes it a pleasure to work with them.”