Rainbow Symphony Finds Their Pot O’ Gold with Hanan Consulting Group & Sage CRM

World-class manufacturer and distributor of 3D paper glasses; Rainbow Symphony represents an innovative business in the paper products industry. Manufacturing different styles of 3D paper glasses: Fireworks Glasses, Rainbow Glasses and Eclipse Shades, Rainbow Symphony proudly claims to have the experience and expertise necessary to handle any client’s request.

Over the years, Rainbow Symphony has delivered millions of 3D paper glasses to leading companies for a wide range of special promotions and events. The company’s experience, superior quality of products and competitive pricing sets a high standard in the paper products industry.

Started Out One Dimensional
Before Rainbow Symphony selected Hanan Consulting Group as their business solution provider, they knew that their business processes needed a change. Their previous consultant had been unresponsive to their business needs and their resources were not being allocated efficiently because of a faulty work-flow system.

The employees were spending a substantial amount of time every day pushing paper around and ultimately shredding files. They were manually entering order information, billing and shipping details in the accounting system, the shipping system, and when taking credit card orders which created redundancy in the system.

The employees at Rainbow Symphony needed a business solution provider who could understand their business processes and use technology that would improve their workflow while reducing the time they spent on manually entering information in their system. They also wanted technology that was scalable.

Optical Illusion Becomes A Reality
Ben Hanan, president of Hanan Consulting Group says, “We were able to provide a logical end-to-end solution for Rainbow Symphony while creating a work flow system that was efficient.”

Rainbow Symphony, Inc’s CRM system was designated as the point of entry for placing orders. This change meant that every order and new customer was first entered in CRM. All their client communications and artwork was attached to the customer record in CRM.

Rainbow Symphony’s CRM system was integrated with Sage Pro Series which meant the customer’s information did not have to be entered in the system multiple times anymore, just one click of a button allowed for the automatic population of the customer information in Pro Series where the orders could be invoiced.

Hanan Consulting Group also created a custom program for Rainbow Symphony, Inc. which allowed them to import Yahoo and 3D-direct web stores HTML and CSV files to Sage Pro while automatically creating a customer record if it did not exist in Pro Series. This program meant the employees did not have to manually enter those web orders in their accounting system anymore.

Enjoying 3D Fireworks
With the credit card integration through UPOS and ICVerify the company could now pre-authorize and charge customer credit cards from within their accounting system. The integration of UPS and Fedex with Pro Series was also an enormous time-saver. By simply scanning a barcode on the Sales Order form the shipping charges were automatically charged to an order based on their zip code.

Mark Margolis owner of Rainbow Symphony, Inc says, “since the new work-flow has been in place we have tripled (3X increased) our order processing capacity, and the redundancy in our system has almost been eliminated;” which means no more paper pushing.

Rainbow Symphony Finds Their ‘Pot Of Gold’
Mark Margolis, owner of Rainbow Symphony, Inc. is very pleased with Hanan Consulting Group and looks forward to continuing their business relationship. “I would recommend Hanan Consulting Group to anyone. They realize that people are trying to run a business and don’t have time to wait”.

“Even though Hanan Consulting cannot be on site always they can connect to our system through remote access, which means they are available 24/7 to support our business. They are always available to answer our questions or help us when an emergency happens” concludes Mark.

Ben Hanan really enjoys working for Rainbow Symphony, Inc. because they embrace the changes in the business world and are not afraid of being innovative. “Their desire to continually improve their business process and stay one step ahead of the game makes them a successful business”

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