Mid-West CAD outlines a winning plan with Sage Pro ERP and Smart e-Solutions

Design professionals in the greater Kansas City area make no bones about it – they avow by Mid-West CAD’s trainers and support staff, who they say have a knack for getting them up and running in no time.

An Autodesk Premier Solutions Provider, Mid-West CAD offers a full range of Autodesk solutions. Their award-winning instructors help designers understand and master the Autodesk applications in the industries of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Design Visualization, and Mapping/GIS. With their dedicated and expert pre and post-sale support teams, the implementation and customization services that Mid-West CAD offers to their clients is unparalleled.

The Plan in Action
Mid-West CAD has made numerous modifications to their accounting
software to support their day to day operations. Two examples of such modifications are when Mid-West CAD added a % of close field to the Sales Order entry screen. The field also appears on the Open Bids report which indicates the probability of the bid being converted to an actual sales order.

Another modification was added to the sales order screen to report the source from which the lead came in. This modification allows Mid-West CAD to analyze the effectiveness of their different marketing initiatives. These sources are then validated against a list of approved sources.

Tweak the Blueprint Design
Previously, Mid-West CAD was working with a business consultant who did not possess the expertise necessary to develop the sort of customized solution that Mid-West CAD needed to support their business operations. The geographical distance between Mid-West CAD and the business consultant also led to communication problems. When Mid-West CAD upgraded its accounting system with their previous IT Consultant, they spent 2 -3 days in downtime while the upgrade problems were fixed; so, essentially 51% to 59% of their work week was spent in downtime.

This experience motivated Mid-West CAD to start searching for a new Business Solutions Provider who understood both the hardware and software portions of their business. Mid-West CAD wanted to find a Business Partner who was knowledgeable and experienced in providing business solutions that would be sustainable and grow with Mid-West CAD. Based on many recommendations, Mid-West CAD turned to Smart e-Solutions based in Kansas. After talking to Karen Smart and assessing her work experience, Mid-West CAD knew they had found their business partner. June Kost says, “Karen works hard to understand our business, and provide a solution that fits our needs.”

Assess the New Arrangement
“Two to three days of unnecessary downtime after an upgrade can be really stressful for accounting people, but our system upgrade with Karen Smart was picture perfect and I have been with Mid-West CAD for over 21 years” says June Kost. In addition June Kost mentioned that Karen pre-converted their data off site to validate data integrity, test existing modifications and make the code changes, after which she did their live upgrade in half a day. The remainder of the day, she stayed at the office, in case the staff needed to ask any questions.

June Kost who considers Karen to be an integral Mid-West CAD team member said that she was very satisfied with Smart e-Solutions support of their business. She was pleased with the dedication of Karen’s team to their reporting needs so Mid-West CAD could easily extract the business information they need.

Mid-West CAD made a modification to the Open Orders reports to carry the average cost so they could forecast the margin of the company for the month. Previously, the only way to report margins was through the Sales Analysis report which was only possible after the invoicing process was completed. Mid-West CAD forecasts bi-monthly based on invoiced orders, open orders yet to be invoiced, and bids that may convert that month. Without the modified report it would be impossible to provide an estimated margin forecast to the management staff every month.

June Kost says, “When I hear about the latest add-on modules, Karen is very honest about how the module works and lets us know whether it is something that could benefit us. We trust Karen and her team and have total peace of mind when it comes to our ERP system because we know we are in good hands.”

Fashioning a Sound Structure
Karen believes that Mid-West CAD’s ability to understand the changing aspects that face businesses in today’s economy, coupled with their strong customer relationships and their forward thinking approach makes them a structurally sound business.

“Mid-West CAD tackles every business move and decision with in-depth precision. When Smart e -Solutions can be a part of Mid-West CAD’s business model of success, it’s a great reflection on our business” says Karen Smart.

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