MedSource RX had definitely outgrown their system and data-integrity was now becoming a concern…

Helping their customers shop smarter, MedSource RX is known as an outstanding distributor of pharmaceutical, diabetic and over the counter products. By providing superior customer service, timely shipping of orders, and significant savings to their customers, MedSource RX is setting a high standard for the Prescription Drug industry.

Before working with Account Tec, MedSource RX was using QuickBooks for their accounting solution. Justin Leavitt, CFO of MedSource RX recalls that their staff quickly realized that QuickBooks would not be able to keep up with the demands/ requirements of the Prescription Drug industry.

Am I Coming Down With Something?
The ‘Pedigree’ requirements of the industry were causing a bottleneck in MedSource RX’s invoicing and shipping process. With each order that MedSource RX ships out, the business has to document each prior sale, purchase or trade of the prescription medicine going back to the manufacturer. Each shipment was approximately taking 5 minutes.

MedSource RX had definitely outgrown their system and data integrity was now becoming a concern. With these needs in mind, MedSource RX starting searching for an ERP solution, that would prove to be the cure for their condition.

A Visit to the Doctor
When Gary Jensen, President of Account Tec introduced Sage Pro ERP to MedSource RX, everyone was impressed by the customization options available to them. Account Tec’s extensive experience with other manufacturers and distributors was an added bonus for MedSource RX.

When Medsource RX implemented Pro Series, Justin says, “the staff went through a significant learning curve. However, Account Tec was available to assist the staff at MedSource RX through the learning process.”

The New Prescription Is Working
Account Tec makes it a priority to understand the business and industry practices of MedSource RX, setting them apart from other software consultants. Justin appreciates the flexibility of the Account Tec team and the time they take to understand the needs of MedSource RX. “Account Tec’s industry expertise and excellent understanding of accounting principles makes them an asset to our organization”, says Justin.

Account Tec’s capability to keep up with all the changes MedSource RX wants to make to their system, to streamline their business processes is also praiseworthy. Justin says, “We rarely sit down and say we want to make this change two months from now. We make a lot of small changes frequently and Gary is always flexible in working with our schedule.”

Nothing Less Than a Miracle Cure
One example of how Account Tec helped MedSource RX improve their business processes is the customization they made to their shipping and invoicing processes. Prior to these modifications the ‘Pedigree’ reporting requirements lead to numerous steps in the shipping and invoicing process. Justin says, “It would take approximately 5 minutes to go through the entire process.”

As the number of transactions increased, the staff at MedSource RX realized they needed to minimize the time involved in invoicing and shipping orders to continue providing outstanding service to their customers. Account Tec’s industry experience played a big part in taking on this challenge, since they were able to ask the staff at MedSource RX all the right questions.

Once the process was put in place as defaults within MedSource RX’s ERP solution, the steps were cut down by more than half. All of the work was now being done behind the scenes. Justin says, “Account Tec was the miracle cure we needed. Now our invoicing process is down to 30 seconds from 5 minutes! That is a total of 10 orders being processed in the time it took to invoice and ship 1 order.”

Quality of Life SignificantlyImproves
Another example of how Account Tec has helped MedSource RX streamline their business processes by automating their pick ticket process. Account Tec developed a store / bin warehouse system for MedSource RX which allows them to ship out the inventory based on expiration dates. This change ensures that MedSource RX customers receive the right product at the right time. This process also helps prevent inventory from expiring while still in-house.

Justin is very impressed with Account Tec’s support services and flexibility in meeting the needs of MedSource RX. He enjoys working with Account Tec and would recommend them to other companies. Account Tec is a business partner that is flexible and has a good understanding of software and accounting principles, which makes working with them effortless. Gary says that he really enjoys working with MedSource RX because they understand an accounting solution is not static, it needs to change as the organization changes. Justin and his team keep things fresh. If they identify a competitive advantage they have the trust and willingness to change processes to earn that advantage. Their innovation keeps our job rewarding.

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