Complete Accounting Software System Upgrade in 36 Hours Delights Gardner Publications

Gardner Publications is an integrated media provider serving B2B customers in manufacturing. Established in 1928 with the introduction of Modern Machine Shop (MMS) magazine — the premier Metalworking and Machine Tool publication in North America, Gardner Publications is today a leader in business-to-business media serving manufacturing, distributing eleven publications worldwide.

Ernie Brubaker, Treasurer of Gardner Publications, admits that the business often hesitates to upgrade its accounting software to the latest version because of all its custom modifications. Gardner can ill afford the possible disruption in their business processes while an upgrade is being installed.Recently, Gardner Publications turned to WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office, their business software solutions provider for advice on undertaking an upgrade to their system given all their custom modifications.

Steve Schaefer, President of WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office, encouraged Gardner Publications to move forward with the upgrade because it would give them access to new features, such as expanded general ledger import capabilities for their ancillary systems and larger ledger descriptions. It would also provide access to the latest payroll updates, as support for their current payroll software version was soon to expire.

WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office then explained the process they were going to adopt with the upgrade, which put to rest any fears Gardner Publications had about the project.The firm also presented their strategy for handling possible issues that could arise during the upgrade process.“Once we understood the process involved and the steps WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office was taking to ensure a smooth installation, we felt comfortable proceeding with the upgrade,” says Brubaker.

After the upgrade Brubaker said, “WAC Consulting Group – Ohio did a seamless upgrade for us within a day and a half. Even with a heavily modified system, we were able to move to the latest accounting software version with minimal disruption.

WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office is responsive to our needs. With the help of modern technology WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office can resolve many of our system’s issues remotely. WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office is an innovative organization, and has really helped us to become more efficient in our use of the accounting system. We are very pleased with the timely, accurate, and responsive service they provide our organization.”

Steve Schaefer says that he enjoys working with Gardner Publications because “their personnel are always friendly, professional, and appreciate the knowledge an experienced solution provider provides when questions arise.”

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