“Since the completion of this project we have saved approximately $5000 – $10,000 in just postage, printing and storage costs”, said Amanda Addis,Office Manager/I.T. Coordinator.

FTZ Industries was founded in 1977 to fill a growing need in the heavy-duty transportation market for high quality electrical components. Today, FTZ Industries is a leading manufacturer of electrical components for transportation and industrial applications, with product innovations such as Crimp ‘N Seal that are considered to be the industry standard.

Charging Up to Go Green

In 2010, FTZ Industries decided to give back to the environment by going green. At that time, FTZ Industries was shipping products and mailing invoices to hundreds of customers across US and Canada every day. FTZ Industries contacted Computer Systems & Programming, their business software solutions provider, to discuss the feasibility of this project.

Mary Clark, President of Computer Systems & Programming, Inc., recommended adding a few custom data fields in Sage Pro ERP, their accounting software. The additional fields would allow FTZ Industries to include additional customer contact information in their
accounting software to start emailing invoices to their customers.

Testing All the Connections

FTZ Industries also implemented EZ Tracker, a program that links to UPS and Fedex, making it instantaneous to send tracking and shipping costs data when invoicing customers. Amanda Addis, Office Manager/I.T. Coordinator, says, “FTZ Industries realized that making this switch would not only help us go green but also be a great cost savings opportunity, and potentially shorten our Accounts Receivables cycle.”

Time to Crimp N’ Seal

For a smooth transition, FTZ Industries informed their customers about their decision to go green. A year after going green, Amanda Addis is delighted to share the results of their transition, “Since the completion of this project we have saved approximately $5000 – $10,000 in just postage, printing and storage costs. We are now emailing invoices to 75% of our customer base, and are saving approximately 5 hours a week for the time spent in mailing invoices to our customers.”

Green At Last!

Amanda Addis says that she is thrilled by the results of the implementation. “Now, with the additional fields in Pro Series, we can use PDF Blaster to email invoices to our customers, send sales orders and purchase order confirmations to our salespeople with the click of a button.”

Chris Outlaw, Operations Manager at FTZ Industries, is charged up about the success of this project, “Going Green is a major initiative for FTZ Industries in both product development and internal office procedures. We want to always be at the forefront in technology and information systems, and going paperless on invoicing is
a direct result.”

Enjoying a Corrosion Resistant Connection

“We enjoy working with Mary Clark at Computer Systems & Programming because she makes it possible for FTZ Industries to not only keep up with technology standards, but to actually set the new trends for our industry. When we wanted to take action towards environmental awareness, Mary helped us do it while at the same time cutting our costs and maximizing our productivity and efficiency. She keeps FTZ moving forward.”

Mary Clark is delighted to work with FTZ Industries because they are easily accessible, forward thinking and innovative. Leveraging technology to accomplish business process improvements, and their commitment to innovation makes them a cutting-edge business.

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