Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra HRMS) saved Demmer Corporation 15 hours per week in reporting and tracking employee information!

Experiencing Extreme Growth

Demmer Corporation serves defense, aerospace, automotive, energy, and transportation customers via multiple plants across the mid- Michigan region. Built upon the core benchmarks of quality, process innovation and technology; Demmer Corporation’s success dates back to the company’s inception in 1951.

Recently, over a one and a half year period, Demmer Corporation grew from 250 to 1500 employees. Many manual processes that had been working well for the organization were suddenly not scalable to support Demmer Corporation’s growing business requirements. “We needed an automated HRMS system to keep up with our extreme growth,” says Rebecca Stone, HR Manager.

Based on a previous work engagement, Donna Graham, HR Director at Demmer Corporation contacted Arlie Skory, WAC Consulting Group Partner, to discuss the businesses requirements to automate and streamline their employee tracking and reporting processes. Upon Arlie’s recommendation and after reviewing several HRMS systems, Demmer Corporation selected Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra HRMS) and add-ons Org Chart Plus because of HR system’s outstanding flexibility, scalability and ease of use.

Making the Necessary Changes

Sara Wilson, Payroll/HR Assistant said, “Arlie did a great job at being available, and managing the technical side of things. She was on-site multiple days throughout each week and made sure that the implementation process and the transition to the new system went as smoothly as possible!” Arlie also created multiple custom screens in Sage HRMS to closely meet Demmer Corporation’s Human Resources department’s reporting requirements.

Enjoying Big Time-Saving Results!

Prior to the Sage HRMS implementation, Demmer Corporation did not have any electronically stored data on employee history for seven business units. They were spending approximately 10 hours per week just maintaining, retrieving and managing those files. If an employee was transferred to another department or got a job promotion within the organization, Demmer Corporation did not have a system to capture that information.

“When trying to retrieve employee information we had to pull an employee file, locate the change of status paper forms, their pay rate etc. Now our HRMS system allows us to see all that information using a simple report!”, says Rebecca Stone. Sage HRMS has also helped Demmer Corporation keep better track of employee training records and gain greater compliancy during audits. “In the past when we were audited by different registrars to review our employee training, we couldn’t just run a report; we had to pull files and show certificates. Sage HRMS has proven to be a huge time saver for Demmer Corporation!” testifies Rebecca Stone.

Checks and Balances Equals Error Free Data

OrgPlus Professional, Sage HRMS add-on, has proven to be another great investment for Demmer Corporation. Prior to using Sage HRMS, Demmer Corporation managed their Organizational Chart in Visio. If the HR Department received payroll change of status paper forms, they would make the changes in ADP.

“It wasn’t really an HR system. After making the changes in ADP, we updated the Org chart in Visio. We were essentially managing two systems, without a checks and balances system in place” says Rebecca Stone. Now, with OrgPlus Professional an add-on to Sage HRMS, everything is tied together. When changes are made in the HRMS system, the Org Chart, is automatically populated with the updated information. If the information is wrong in the Org Chart, it is easy to locate the error in the HR system, and that allows Demmer Corporation to easily keep the data in their system error-free!

Rebecca Stone says, “We would definitely recommend Arlie Skory and Sage HRMS to other businesses, especially if they don’t currently have an HRMS system. Sage HRMS has proven to be a huge time saver! The HR system has saved us 15 hours per week in reporting and trackingemployee information! In addition, we find something new every couple of weeks that we can now start tracking that we did not have the bandwidth to track before.”

Arlie Skory says, “Working with a group like Demmer is very satisfying because we were able to make such a big impact on their work flow. It is great to see how people are able to move from searching paper files and maintaining spreadsheets to immediate access to information and the ability to see the implications of their data. Sage HRMS has become their system of record, providing information to other systems as well.  Now these professionals are able to react much more quickly to requests for information.  It has been a pleasure to bring new tools to their work environment.”

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