Perfect Ingredients for a Growing Business: WAC Solution Partners and Sage 100 ERP (previously Sage MAS 90)

Secret Recipe to making it Big

In 1989, Joyce Coffaro moved to Seattle to bake biscotti that her Italian ancestors had made for generations. She started the business working alone and renting a house, the bottom floors of which she converted into baking space.

Within six weeks, Starbucks had picked up her biscotti, followed by Costco, as she quickly outgrew her makeshift plant. Today with thirteen different varieties of biscotti, Coffaro’s Baking Company creates private labels for large customers and ships all over the US and Canada.

Other than the obvious combination of a great product and outstanding customer service, the secret recipe to making it big includes an often overlooked ingredient: the right ERP system for that business. As her business quickly ramped up, Joyce recalls she needed expert assistance with her manufacturing operations. She was looking for someone with hands on experience in manufacturing who could also streamline their business processes, all without charging an arm and a leg.

Joyce Coffaro, President of Coffaro’s Baking Company, testifies to this fact by saying: “We were a small business and having the right accounting system and business solution provider is what facilitated our growth to a multi-million dollar company.”

What’s the Icing on the Cake?
Having previously worked with Computer Accounting Systems, Joyce contacted Laurie Renner, President and Mike Renner, Sage ERP MAS 90 Consultant because her earlier experience with the company had been positive and she’d come to trust their combined expertise. Joyce recalls, “We were selling a lot of biscotti but we had no idea how much it was truly costing us.”

After discussing her options with Mike Renner, who introduced them to Sage ERP MAS 90, they decided to install the Sage ERP MAS 90 Bill of Materials manufacturing module. Joyce believes that Mike Renner and Sage ERP MAS 90 proved to be the icing on the cake for Coffaro’s Baking Company. Not only did this module introduce a sophisticated yet easy to use costing system for their products, it also helped improve the workflow throughout their business processes.

Joyce says, “Once the manufacturing module was implemented and we’d started to develop our data, we gained a solid understanding of our Cost of Goods Sold by each product and also by product lines.”Now, with all the dessert recipes entered in the Bills of Material module with the right mix of ingredients like almonds, chocolate, flour, sugar, pecans, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, cranberries, hazelnut etc, Joyce is able to track all their costs with the push of a button.

Little Left to Guesswork
Guesswork is never a good idea when it comes to baking, and the same is true for accounting. The functionality of Sage ERP MAS 90 has allowed Joyce Coffaro to review her shelf costs and sales revenue on a daily basis. Having revolutionized Coffaro’s Baking Company’s internal processes, including the ability to make well-informed business decisions, Joyce was able to proceed with the planning for their aggressive growth.

Joyce says, “The Sage ERP MAS 90 Software does everything from A-Z to make a business run smoothly. Mike Renner at Computer Accounting Systems has trained me so well on my software that I’ve become self-sufficient. I have no doubts that the whole package has helped our company grow to a multi-million dollar company.”

Joyce is thrilled with the success of her company and acknowledges that without Computer Accounting Systems, her business solutions knowledge would not have been [not sure what was intended here, so I finished the sentence as I think it may have been said sufficient to establish the right foundation from which to grow the company.

Biscotti and a Warm Cup of Coffee
Joyce clearly enjoys working with Mike Renner: “He’s not only extremely knowledgeable in all areas of manufacturing operations, but he continues to stay on top of the latest developments in technology. They have tremendous integrity and always put my company’s best interest in the forefront.”

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