Apollo Oil, LLC, distributes motor oil, lubricants, waxes and polishes to automobile dealerships, retail outlets, and commercial industries across the southeast. When the company grew to five locations, it realized that its ERP systems could not afford them sufficient flexibility and efficiencies to sustain this growth.

The company’s Unix-based system didn’t provide accurate inventory information or sophisticated warehouse management functionality, and was prohibitively expensive to upgrade.

Apollo Oil brought in MIS Micro Information Systems to assist with the development of the solution, as the company possesses a solid accounting knowledge and a deep product-specific expertise. The open architecture and source code availability of Sage Pro ERP allows Apollo Oil to customize and maintain their solution. The in-house development team at Apollo Oil turns to MIS Micro for advice and consultation before making any changes, as the company knows the software inside and out, and also understands the accounting ramifications of their planning changes.

Inventory reduction of 32% greatly reduces costs. Automation saves 3 hours a day of manual data entry and affords the mobile sales force an average 3 additional stops each day.

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