The WAC Consulting Group serves companies in many industries and we are proud to share some of our clients’ success stories.

Precision Tune Auto Care

Each month Tim Thielke, the Senior Staff Accountant at Precision Tune Auto Care was exporting the income and expenses for each corporate owned store by segment to an Excel spreadsheet. He then made changes to the reports using the Lookup and Replace function in Excel. This process approximately took 15 minutes per store.

Acquiring new corporate owned stores was great for business; however the employees at Precision Tune Auto Care were spending approximately two full working days each month exporting financial information from their accounting system (Sage Pro Series) to an Excel spreadsheet. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

FTZ Industries, Inc.

In 2010, FTZ Industries decided to give back to the environment by going green. At that time, FTZ Industries was shipping products and mailing invoices to hundreds of customers across US and Canada every day. FTZ Industries contacted Computer Systems & Programming, their business software solutions provider, to discuss the feasibility of this project.

Mary Clark, President of Computer Systems & Programming, Inc., recommended adding a few custom data fields in Sage Pro ERP, their accounting software. The additional fields would allow FTZ Industries to include additional customer contact information in their accounting software to start emailing invoices to their customers.Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Gardner Publications, Inc.

Ernie Brubaker, Treasurer of Gardner Publications, admits that the business often hesitates to upgrade its accounting software to the latest version because of all its custom modifications. Gardner can ill afford the possible disruption in their business processes while an upgrade is being installed.Recently, Gardner Publications turned to WAC Consulting Group – Cincinnati Office, their business software solutions provider for advice on undertaking an upgrade to their system given all their custom modifications.Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Snoozer Pet Products

Snoozer Pet Products has consistently been the pack leader in the pet products manufacturing industry since beginning operations in 1985. With several products already patented or patents-pending, Snoozer Pet Products illustrates a well groomed business.

In January 2010, Snoozer Pet Products learned about the PCI DSS standard. The PCI DSS is a security standard that includes twelve requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Coffaro’s Baking Company

In 1989, Joyce Coffaro moved to Seattle to bake biscotti that her Italian ancestors had made for generations. She started the business working alone and renting a house, the bottom floors of which she converted into baking space. Within six weeks, Starbucks had picked up her biscotti, followed by Costco, as she quickly outgrew her makeshift plant. Today with thirteen different varieties of biscotti, Coffaro’s Baking Company creates private labels for large customers and ships all over the US and Canada.

As her business quickly ramped up, Joyce recalls she needed expert assistance with her manufacturing operations. She was looking for someone with hands on experience in manufacturing who could also streamline their business processes, all without charging an arm and a leg. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Raison D’etre – A Bakery

When Raison D’etre received a notice from Sage Software that their accounting system, Vision Point, was being retired, their decision to upgrade to Pro Series was an easy one.

The data capacity for Vision Point was filled up, which meant the program would crash at any time. Taking orders, processing orders and preparing invoices had become an issue as these daily tasks, interrupted by crashes, would cause hours of lost productivity time. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Mid-West CAD 

Design professionals in the greater Kansas City area make no bones about it – they vow by Mid-West CAD’s trainers and support staff, who they say have a knack for getting them up and running in no time.

An Autodesk Premier Solutions Provider, Mid-West CAD offers a full range of Autodesk solutions. Their award-winning instructors help designers understand and master the Autodesk applications in the industries of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Design Visualization, and Mapping/GIS. With their dedicated and expert pre and post-sale support teams, the implementation and customization services that Mid-West CAD offers to their clients is unparalleled.

Mid-West CAD has made numerous modifications to their accounting software to support their day to day operations. Two examples of such modifications are when Mid-West CAD added a % of close field to the Sales Order entry screen. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

MedSource RX

Helping their customers shop smarter, MedSource RX is known as an outstanding distributor of pharmaceutical, diabetic and over the counter products. By providing superior customer service, timely shipping of orders, and significant savings to their customers, MedSource RX is setting a high standard for the Prescription Drug industry.

Before working with Account Tec, MedSource RX was using QuickBooks for their accounting solution. Justin Leavitt, CFO of MedSource RX recalls that their staff quickly realized that QuickBooks would not be able to keep up with the demands/ requirements of the Prescription Drug industry.

The ‘Pedigree’ reporting requirements of the industry were causing a bottleneck in MedSource RX’s invoicing and shipping process. With each order that MedSource RX ships out, the business has to document each prior sale, purchase or trade of the prescription medicine going back to the manufacturer. Each shipment was approximately taking 5 minutes. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Rainbow Symphony, Inc. 

World-class manufacturer and distributor of 3D paper glasses; Rainbow Symphony represents an innovative business in the paper products industry. Manufacturing different styles of 3D paper glasses: Fireworks Glasses, Rainbow Glasses and Eclipse Shades, Rainbow Symphony proudly claims to have the experience and expertise necessary to handle any client’s request.

Over the years, Rainbow Symphony has delivered millions of 3D paper glasses to leading companies for a wide range of special promotions and events. The company’s experience, superior quality of products and competitive pricing sets a high standard in the paper products industry.Started out One-Dimensional Before Rainbow Symphony selected Hanan Consulting Group as their business solution provider, they knew that their business processes needed a change. Their previous consultant had been unresponsive to their business needs and their resources were not being allocated efficiently because of a faulty work-flow system. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Luster Leaf Products, Inc.

Larry recalls: “We were spending over 20 hours every month updating the forecasting spreadsheet by extracting numbers from our accounting software. Unfortunately an hour after completing the process the spreadsheet was out-dated!”With many of their products on different lead times, the staff was constantly trying to stay on top of tracking inventory and sales activity on a daily or weekly basis. Further, adding new products to the mix made things even more cumbersome.

Larry Holbein wanted to able to plug-in a month in the system and have real-time access to the shipments that would be coming into the warehouse at that time. He also wanted to be able to look at the forecasting report on a daily, weekly and even hourly basis if needed. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Washington Crane & Hoist, Inc.

Since 1975, Washington Crane & Hoist Company has provided innovative material handling solutions, quality parts and reliable service for its customers throughout the Western U.S. They are a complete material handling systems integration specialist.

Before hiring Computer Accounting Systems, Inc. as their business solutions provider, Washington Crane & Hoist was using Microsoft’s Small Business Manager accounting solution. Joanne needed a robust job cost system, she needed the capability to quickly and easily manipulate data and she needed an ERP system that could be customized to reflect the company’s business processes. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

The Fastener Group

The Fastener Group supplies manufacturers and government agencies with hi-tech and military fasteners, and electro mechanical components, in the exact quantities – small and large – that their customers require. The company sources its hardware from a large number of world-wide manufacturers, and maintains onsite inventory for rapid delivery when needed. The Fastener Group needed a system that tracked each part by all possible references: their own internal item number, their customers’ order number, their suppliers’ SKU, even by milspec (military specifications). Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Airparts, Inc.

Airparts, Inc. is a family-owned business and has been providing parts and supplies to non-commercial aircraft hobbyists since 1967. From their location in Kansas City, KS, they provide the very finest in aviation products including aluminum sheet, coil, steel tubing and other aircraft construction supplies to thousands of aviation enthusiasts worldwide. As the family business transitioned to a new generation, the need for new technology became apparent as inefficient manual data entry and reliance on a loose collection of spreadsheets made it difficult to track inventory and satisfy customer demand. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Hub Pen Company

The Hub Pen Company manufactures quality writing instruments for the promotional products industry. Serving a large number of distributors, Hub Pen specializes in custom engraved silk screen pens, precision laser engraved pens, planners, desk sets and other accessories. Hub Pen wanted to put tools in the hands of their internal customer service representatives in order to enable them to provide their customers with faster answers over the phone. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Apollo Oil, LLC.

Apollo Oil, LLC, distributes motor oil, lubricants, waxes and polishes to automobile dealerships, retail outlets, and commercial industries across the southeast. When the company grew to five locations, it realized that its ERP systems could not afford them sufficient flexibility and efficiencies to sustain this growth. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story

Redbone Food

Dale Barth opened the Redbone Alley Restaurant in Florence, South Carolina in 1993. What started as a small business in an unlikely location quickly became a resounding success with nearly 1,500 people lining up daily to enjoy the fresh and innovative regional cuisine. Not content with just this venture, Dale later created Redbone Foods, LLC – a wholesale distribution company offering his sauces, meat rubs and cookbooks to grocery stores throughout the United States.

With aggressive growth came the need for a new business software system. Karen Smart of the WAC Consulting – Kansas recommended Sage Accpac ERP which offered comprehensive inventory tracking and distribution functionality integrated with accounting and financial reporting and operations ran smoothly. However, the challenges of growth did not end there. Redbone Foods discovered one day that its supplier had made a production error that necessitated a recall, which was extremely time-consuming and costly. Continue Reading WACCG Success Story