Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to making your business a success.

Maybe a bit trite, but it says it all. We are in the business to provide companies with IT solutions and advice that solves their problems and makes them more profitable. The more profitable your company becomes, the more valuable our relationship will become.

Our Sales Process

Whether you are a new prospect or a long time client, we follow the same process, where we spend plenty of time on the upfront discovery process. We’ve learned that this method will end up saving us both time and money:

  • Tell us what you need
  • We’ll determine if we can help you
  • We’ll develop the solution to your problems

Step One – Tell us what you need

We’ll start by asking you about the problems you are facing, the budget you’re preparing to set aside, and your company’s commitment to solve these problems. These three elements are crucial to the successful roll-out of our services.

What is a problem? We define a problem as something in your business that is causing you pain, significant pain. For instance, your customers may be unhappy with your service, you can’t track your inventory accurately, or maybe you just aren’t making enough of a profit. You may not even know exactly what the problem is, but you do know that something needs to be done. Of course we can’t solve all of your problems. But our goal is to quickly determine if we have the right expertise to help you.

How do you determine your budget? This depends of course on the problem, and we can offer a number of different solutions, from simple to complex, tailored to your budget. Our clients range from small one-person operations with small budgets, to large, multi-site manufacturing operations with significant budgets. We’ll work with you to determine if we can indeed develop a solution within your budgetary constraints.

What do we mean by commitment? We find that every company has problems, and most can set aside the budget to solve them if they are serious enough. But sometimes the time isn’t right. A company may need to rework their ordering process, but they are in the middle of a financial audit or new product launch and just cannot dedicate the resources to solving that problem right now.

You see now why it’s so important to address these three elements from the very beginning. It’s a logical process that will help both our companies work closely throughout the project. If you find that one or more of these elements is not yet finalized within your company, then we’ll ask you to let us come back to you at a later time.

Step Two – We’ll determine if we can help you

Now that both our companies have set the right expectations for our work together, we can move on to the next step, which is for us to determine if we can help you.

How do we define the problem? We will provide a qualified consultant to work with you to clearly define the problem, including how you think it is adversely affecting your business, and what it will cost if you don’t fix it. Sometimes the issues are obvious and this can be accomplished in an hour or two. For more complex problems, we may charge for our services, as part of our consulting program.

What if we cannot solve the problem? If after some research we determine we are not qualified to solve your particular problems, we’ll refer you to a number of selected businesses and professionals better positioned to help you.

Step Three – We’ll develop the solution to your problem

We now both know exactly the problem that needs to be fixed. Our last step is to develop a solution, making sure it fits within your budget. Again, some problems are easier to solve than others and we can progress to this step quickly without any expense. Others of course can be more complex. The solution can be presented as a sample report, a written analysis, or a product demonstration. Sometimes, it even requires a discussion with one of our clients or a site visit to see the solution in action.

Why is this process so important?

This process offers a logical progression of steps that allows us to do what we do best: research problems and find a solution that our clients will be thrilled with, on time and on budget.

We are not going to try to sell you a solution until we understand your problem, your budget and your commitment to solving the problem.

Once we have a good understanding of your situation, we’ll be ready to work with you immediately.