Installing Intelligence Reporting Report Designer License in Sage 300

This should be easy, right?  Wrong!

Roger blog Pic 1Here is what I received from Sage, the Product Activation document.


I’m sure most of you have seen these before and once received, you think you know what to do. I know I thought that.

First, I know that I need to install the Report Designer component so, I go to Control Panel, and Change the Sage 300 installation to include this component. Done.

Now I log in to 300 as ADMIN and proceed to the Licensing Manger to enter the SERIAL NUMBER AND ACTIVATION CODE as required.

I enter the following, because that is what I have done at least 100 times.


In this situation the Sage terminology is a little unclear. The License Manager says Activation Code but the paperwork says Activation Key

I get an error message stating the keys are invalid. I try again suspecting I fat fingered it (I do have fat fingers). No go, I get the error message again.

Looking again at the Product Activation document, I see that at the top there is another Product ID/Serial #.

pic 3

I figure why not and enter this serial number and the activation key/code again, and I get the same error.

Now I am getting frustrated. I take a quick glance at the installation manual for Sage 300 which has a section related to IR but I can’t find anything that leads me to believe I am doing anything wrong.

pic 4However, I have a second (harder to find) document that differs from the installation manual and it says this…

Well this all seems strange, new, and quite unnecessary to me, but let’s see if I can get this mythical Report Manager Serial #.

First, I look in the 300 license manager for an IR license and there is none. Yes you do get a Report Manager license installed, but Sage doesn’t make a license entry.

That’s OK, I figure it must be in the customer record of the Sage Partner Portal. I log in to the Partner Portal and pull up the customer. Nope, it is not there either.

According to the document, I can get it from the Sage Customer Portal (but not the Partner Portal). Unfortunately, I do not have those credentials to access the Customer Portal.

Back to the drawing board.

Once again, I look over the Product Activation document and once again I notice something new.

pic 5

Now in the two years that I have been implementing Sage 300 I have never used an unlocking code, but I notice that it has the same length as the activation key/code (minus the hyphens). Sooo. I try the serial number from below and the unlocking code from above – ERROR. Finally out of sheer boredom I try the Product ID/Serial Number with the Unlocking Key/Code in the Activation Code/Key field and (can I get an AMEN), IT WORKS!

And that my friends and co-workers is how you install a Report Manager license (though you may want to skip to the end)

Answer on how to install an Intelligence Reporting Report Designer License in Sage 300: Product ID/Serial Number with the Unlocking Key/Code in the Activation Code/Key field

Written by Roger Detzler, Consultant WAC Solution Partners- New England

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