Sage X3 is a Champion

Sage ERP X3 is one of the available ERP options on the market and has earned its approval by Info-Tech Research Group. What makes Sage so special you ask? Sage X3 is categorized as a Champion, meaning that this group has a strong presence in the marketplace, offers great value to the market and received the highest scores for the criteria evaluated. Champion is the highest group in the category above Market Pillars, Innovators and Emerging Players. Market Pillars are those who have strong credentials but score averagely.  Innovators are those who demonstrate strengths with a competitive advantage in a certain areas of the market. Emerging Players are those who are newer vendors and have yet to leave a mark in the market place.

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Info Tech also states that Sage is “the long-standing alternative to Oracle and SAP in the enterprise space.”  Sage X3 rated high in features such as analytics and reporting to stakeholders, mobile applications, multi-site ERP functionality, and integrating with end-user tools.

Some strengths listed by Info-Tech Research Group include:

  • Strong adaptability
  • Web-native architecture allows for collaboration with partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Modern architecture facilitates multi-site, multi-country deployments with detailed configuration requirements.

Sage ERP X3 rated “Good”  in the architecture of the product and for Overall Vendor Evaluation Criteria which includes Visibility and Reach. Visibility means that the vendor measures profitability and knowledgeability of the vendor.  And Reach  means that the vendor offers coverage on a global scale and is able to provide customer support, on a scale ranked between Exemplary, Good, Adequate, Inadequate, and Poor.

Info-Tech’s Overview of Sage is that, “Sage has 6.3 million customers globally, with Sage ERP X3 deployed to over 4,000 customers in 60 countries.”

WAC Solution Partners jumped into Sage X3 as soon as it was announced as a new product option.  We felt the power behind the product could definitely be an asset in our ERP lineup.  For more information on Sage X3 please contact

Article by Stephanie Piller

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

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